not much

so I'm back on LiveJournal even tho I write in my own personal journal. I just wanted to see if I can keep up with this. anywayy I'm babysitting today and I missed these kids so much that even tho they misbehave sometimes idc I still have fun with them. some crazy shit is goin on at my job I just hope it settles soon....
certain people need to get what they deserve. that is all.



pissed that I've been working my ass off at the same job for two and a half years and someone who's been working somewhere else can get a promotion within 6-8 months of working there. like what the hell? do I not deserve a higher position? am I not good enough? just throw it in my face that I'm nothing and everyone else is going somewhere in life except me.  screw this.

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i'm new to this
so, my first entry. currently i'm listening to britney spears' 'if you seek amy' on pandora, haha. however, pandora is amazing and works wonders if you love music like me. but i hope to be able to keep up with this, it seems kinda weird to me. maybe because i have no friends on here and it's like i'm writing to myself. oh well. maybe i'll start writing my stories, or poetry again, this seems like a good way to do that.
well, think i'm done here for now. song i'm ending with: less than jake - nervous in the alley. until next time...


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